Wednesday, March 08, 2006

"The Adventures of God"

Another one-off, this one featuring an Almighty with feelings. The previous week's Saturnhead had featured God as a character, and it seems that the artist unexpectedly took a liking to the bearded deity. The rather mystical mode is sustained by an unusually smooth panel flow: The thought bubble in the first box is alluded to in the next box—though the percolating circles are actually air bubbles, and the bottom of the thought balloon is the cresting seam between sky and sea. It's a subtle metamorphosis that mirrors the change undertaken by God; the bubble confusion eases the transition, for now God-as-fish is having thoughts, the way God-as-God was. Had the strip been able to fit five panels, the last one would have been wordless, just more fish swimming by at their leisure.

From The Yale Herald, October 18, 1991 (Vol. XII, issue 7)


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